Coal Creek Habits of Mind

    What are the Habits of Mind?  The Coal Creek Approach.

    As students move through the educational process, parents will often hear teachers talk about setting learning goals for children.  These goals are normally centered on our curriculum, instruction, and assessments; we also are attentive to considering the social and emotional growth of students. 
    Our experience has shown that in order for students to learn at optimal levels, it is important to consider the attitudes and dispositions that complement the educational process.  We cannot assume that our students know intrinsically how to think critically and to effectively solve problems; they must be taught accordingly.
    At Coal Creek, we refer to the process of helping students to develop these abilities by fostering “Habits of Mind.”  We believe that the Habits of Mind encourage a broader definition of intelligence and provide more avenues for Puma students to increase their success both inside and outside of school.
    Drs. Arthur Costa and Bena Kallick (2008) list 16 Habits of Mind derived from studies of successful, efficient problem solvers from many walks of life.  They include:
    • Persisting at task (Goal completion)
    • Managing Impulsivity (developing internal locus of control)
    • Listening with Understanding and Empathy
    • Thinking flexibly
    • Metacognition (Thinking about one’s thinking!)
    • Striving for Accuracy and Precision in studies and work
    • Questioning and Problem Posing
    • Applying past knowledge to new situations
    • Thinking and communicating…with Clarity!
    • Gathering data through ALL the senses (multiple intelligences)
    • Creating, Imagining, Innovating…
    • Responding to learning with wonderment and awe
    • Taking RESPONSIBLE Risks
    • Finding humor; laugh a little!
    Dr. Kiemele, has been fortunate to have had Dr. Costa as a personal mentor for the majority of his career in school leadership, and has worked extensively with the faculty to integrate the Habits of Mind model into the educational philosophy and practices at Coal Creek.  The results – academically, socially, and in terms of the culture of the school community – have been remarkable over time.  Parents are encouraged to participate in informational opportunities throughout the year to learn more about the HoM, and ways that they can extend this learning approach at home.  For more information, please contact your child’s teacher and/or the principal.​