Physical Education

PE class pushing ball outside

Physical Education class is the discipline where our students begin to learn the foundation for life long movement and physical activity. Teaching is done in a way where all students understand and are learning to be empathetic to individuals differences in skill and ability. At Coal Creek, we see PE class as a place where it is okay to make mistakes and be a risk taker. The different activities are designed to help the student find success and discover their skills and abilities. During cooperative activity, we use and develop our Habits of Mind to work together to solve problems and meet challenges. In PE class, it is not the student's skill and ability alone in which they are judged, it is the student's attitude, effort and how they treat one another which will determine their true success.‚Äč

Meet our Physical Education Teacher

Travis Maron

Job Title: Teacher
Phone Numbers:
School: 720-561-4546