Fourth Grade


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    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Fourth Grade students are introduced to the team teaching concept. Team teaching allows us to get to know all of the students, and the students become very familiar with us. We have a three teacher rotation with Social Studies, Science, and the "Wheel" which includes several short rotations of topics including Health, Safety, Grammar and Conventions and Socratic Seminar.

    It is the expectation in 4th Grade that each student complete/use his planner daily, take appropriate materials home, and return completed homework the following day. This is a key component that is integral to shifting responsibility and owning their learning.

    Fourth Grade is FUN!


    ​Language Arts 
    Balanced literacy is the integration of reading, writing, research, speaking, and listening, in a way that supports the learning needs of every individual student. Through the Daily Café, students are responsible for individualized learning while meeting grade level requirements. Our Language Arts curriculum is linked to our Social Studies Curriculum to support learning through many different avenues. 

    •Daily Cafe/Book Whisperer 
    •Literature Groups and Analysis 
    •Being A Writer/Writer’s Workshop 
    •Grammar and Conventions 
    •Research – Space, Biographies, Colorado cities and regions 

    The five process standards in mathematics are problem solving, reasoning, communication, connections, and representations. We will be implementing the new BVSD math curriculum Math Expressions.  Since this is a new program for our school and the district, we will be scheduling a math night for parents early this fall to introduce the program.  The components are: 

    •Number sense 
    •Problem solving 
    •Math Facts – addition/subtraction mastered by September, multiplication/division by November 
    The central focus of our science curriculum is scientific inquiry. The FOSS Program and The Great Body Shop are our primary resources. 

    Topics covered will be physical science, life science and earth systems. 

    Social Studies 
    Our new social studies curriculum is designed to teach students about key issues in Colorado History and Government, examine interactions between man and his environment, explore geographic influences and understand Personal Financial Literacy.  Topics covered include: 

    •Native Americans in Colorado 

    Colorado History 

    Colorado Government 

    Personal Financial Literacy 

    US Economy 

    Mini Society 

    Map Skills 

    The focus of our health curriculum is to strive for optimal health and minimize negative health behaviors. 

    •Injury Prevention and Personal Safety 
    •Physical Wellness 
    •Mental and Emotional Wellness 
    •Substance use, abuse, and addiction 
    •Violence Awareness​



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