Our day is fast-paced and full of transitions to promote movement. Lessons are integrated throughout the day to encompass all of our curriculum. Literacy and math are the main focus while integrating Science and Social Studies, along with the rest of our curriculum. Each student is nurtured and mentored to help them achieve their full potential and master the skills needed in Kindergarten that will help them be a life long learner!


    BVSD's Elementary Curriculum Essentials Document may be viewed at:  
    ​Language Arts 
    Balanced literacy is the integration of reading, writing, research, speaking, listening, viewing and representing in a way that supports the learning needs of every individual student. 

    •Phonemic Awareness/Phonics 
    •Oral Language 
    •Guided Reading Groups                                  
    •Being A Writer/Lucy Caulkins  
    •D'Nealian Printing 

    The five process standards in mathematics are problem solving, reasoning, communication, connections, and representations. We incorporate Add+Vantage Math and Math Expressions in our math program focusing on the following: 

    •Number sense 
    •Problem solving 

    The central focus of our science curriculum is scientific inquiry. The FOSS Program is our primary resource.  Basic introduction to the Scientific Process guides the units. 

    •Trees                              *  Living and Nonliving things 
    • The Sun/Weather        * Safety 
    •Motion                            *  Physical Properties 

    Social Studies 
    Our social studies curriculum is designed to teach students to recognize and value differences between cultures, manage conflict, adapt to diversity, and utilize technology. 

    •Maps and Globes 
    •Cultures around the World 
    •Life Phases/Historical Sequence 
    •Where I fit in the World 
    •Wants and Needs/Economics 

    The focus of our health curriculum is to strive for optimal health and minimize negative health behaviors. 

    •Hygiene and Personal Care 
    •Five Senses 
    •Body Autonomy​



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