As a reminder, BVSD's illness protocol follows CDPHE's How Sick is Too Sick guidelines.

  • Students may return to school or child care as long as the symptom(s) have been resolved for 24 hours unless the symptoms are caused by an illness that requires them to stay home longer.

    • COVID testing is recommended, not required, for anyone with COVID-like symptoms or a known exposure

    • Testing is available through BVSD and COVID Check Colorado throughout the district - see the schedule here

COVID-like symptoms include:

  •  Fever (100.4 and above), chills, new or worsening cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, runny nose or congestion, muscle or body aches, headache, fatigue, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea

Any individual who tests positive must isolate at home until: 

  1. They have had no fever for at least 24 hours — without the use of fever-reducing medicines, AND 

  2. Symptoms are improving, AND 

  3. It has been at least 5 days since symptoms began.  (If symptoms do not develop, count 5 days from when the test was administered.)

  4. Individuals should then wear a well-fitted mask for the next 5 days when around others. If they are unable to effectively wear a mask for an additional 5 days, they should isolate for the full 10 days.

If you have questions about returning to school after an illness, please contact our school's health office.


Parents and guardians can log in to their Infinite Campus Parent Portal site to notify School staff of an expected student absence. This will ensure the authenticity of reported absences, while also providing families with improved communication when a student misses class.

See below for a step-by-step guide that can help you through the process.

Log Into Campus Parent Portal


The BVSD Report Absence Form allows parents and guardians to securely report a student’s absence from school for a single day. Users submitting an absence report will receive a confirmation email at the contact email address listed in Infinite Campus. The form can be toggled between English and Spanish. Confirmation emails will be sent in English or Spanish depending on the preferred language of the user listed in Infinite Campus.

Students are not able to self-report absences from Campus Student.

How to use the BVSD Excused Absence Form

  1. Log in to the Campus Parent Portal website from any internet-connected computer, tablet, or mobile device with your Infinite Campus username and password. Or login to the Parent Portal app.

  1. In left-hand menu, click More (If menu not visible, click Hamburger icon )










  1.  In “Quick Links” section, click “Report Absence”


  2. Complete fields and click “Submit”


  3. To report absence for a second child, click the intended individual’s tab. The active student tab is blue.


To Switch Form Between Spanish and English

  1. Once logged into the form, use the select list in the upper right corner of the screen to select desired language.

Having Troubles?

If you run into troubles using the form, don’t know your Infinite Campus log in information, or need a password reset, please contact your School’s office. They will be able to make sure you get the help you need.




Bus Riding


Parents are asked to please call the Attendance Line  at (720) 561-4502 by 8:00 a.m.  or via the Report Absence Link on this Website if a child will be late or absent. You may call in the evening and leave a message if you know your child will miss the following day at school. Please leave students name, grade, teacher, your name, phone number, date(s) of absence/tardy and the reason.

If the school has not received appropriate contact from a parent or guardian excusing a student's absence and the school can not determine the safety of a child, the School Principal or the School Resource Officer may be dispatched to the student's home to verify the safety of the student.

If absences and tardies become excessive, a letter will be sent home from the Principal. If the issue can not be resolved, the Truancy Officer will be notified.


School starts at 7:50AM. Please ensure your student arrives at school and lines up with their class on the Playground before the bell rings at 7:50AM.

Arrival at School

For a student's safety, they are not to arrive at school until 7:40AM when playground supervision is provided. If a parent would like their student to arrive early, they must accompany them on the playground until supervision arrives.

If their is inclement weather and we will be lining up inside, the school will fly a yellow flag from the flag pole which notifies students they may enter the building at 7:40AM and  line up inside. Due to space restrictions, students only will be allowed into the building at that time and will be supervised by staff.

Parents and students should not enter the building before school unless requested by a teacher or other staff member. Teachers are preparing for their day and require this time to complete their tasks and meetings.

Early Dismissals/Dismissal

Parents who need to have a child dismissed early or excused from school for a brief period of time should arrive at school and inform the Office Staff of the student who needs to be released, and sign the student out. The staff member will retrieve the student. Please ensure enough time is allocated as students may not always be in their classroom. We do not accept calls requesting that a student be called down at a specific time. 

After school arrangements need to be made prior to the beginning of school. Students are not allowed to use the school phones to make play dates. It is not always possible to get a message to a classroom during the last minutes of the please communicate after school plans with your student before they leave for the day. We understand that emergencies come up and we will try to help when that happens.

Riding the School Bus

Please contact Transportation at 720-561-5126 to find out if you are eligible to ride the bus based on your residences location to the school.

Guest Bus Riders ARE NOT ALLOWED! Students that are not a bus rider are NOT allowed on the bus.